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Green, Fresh, Safe and Healthy
We aim to provide 100% pollution-free food and promote green living
We are committed to contribute to the wellness of society and its citizens through our aquaponics eco-farming produce
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Innovation for Urban Farming

Intellectual Property

2014 Granted Patent:
"A Symbiotic System of Fishing and Planting"
Patent No.: HK1190267@Feb2014

Practical Knowledge

- Planting Light Spectrum
- Nutrient Formulations


- Multi-layer Farming
- LED Light Spectrum
- Aquaponics Eco-cycle
- Data Monitoring system

Aquaponic Eco-cycle

1. Fish produce waste
2. Waste for Plants
3. Plants filter water
4. Water return to fish

How It All Started

Our Vision

We use innovative technologies to produce safe and healthy crops and sustain humanities while protecting our environment for future generations

We provide eco-farming product...


【SCMP】Inside Hong Kong’s hi-tech vertical farm of the future
【SCMP】Inside Hong Kong’s hi-tech vertical farm of the future
A Hong Kong company has developed a hi-tech vertical vegetable farm that could help revive the city’s fast-disappearing traditional agriculture. Farm66 uses modern LED lights and aquaponics in a 20,000 sq ft…
【香港01】室內養魚兼種菜 高科技養殖成漁業出路?
【香港01】室內養魚兼種菜 高科技養殖成漁業出路?
傳統養殖業似乎進入末路,直到去年施政報告中,新農業政策確立「工廈水耕」可合法經營。全球氣候變暖,亦與養殖業息息相關。室內魚菜共生,是否新出路? 綠芝園是香港首間室內魚菜共生種植場,自2013年起位於觀塘工廈設立2,000呎養殖場,上月進駐科學園,新養殖場佔地兩萬呎,採用全自動化系統播種和澆水。
【東方日報】先進技術助生產 科技園推動再工業化
【東方日報】先進技術助生產 科技園推動再工業化
上月底,本港首間室內魚菜共生種植場Farm66 綠芝園亦進駐精密製造中心,從以往2,000平方呎的工廈農場,發展成20,000平方呎的旗艦種植場,每年生產量可達200噸。為發展有機種植,同時善用土地,種植場內採用魚菜共生、光譜種植、多層式種植等技術,並利用自家研發的Jellyfish監控系統收集及分析數據,為各種植物提供最佳生長環境。