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We provide high-quality eco-organic agricultural products
We aim to provide a safe conscience food and sharing green living
We are committed to practice indoor aquaponic system
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First Indoor Eco-Plant Factory

Intellectual Property

2014 Granted Patent
A Symbiotic System of Fishing and Planting Patent No.: HK1190267@Feb2014

Secret know-how

Planting Light Spectrum
Nutrient Formulations


Multi-layer Farming
LED Light Spectrum
Aquaponics Eco-cycle
Data Monitoring system


Water return to fish
Fish produce waste
Waste for Plants
Plants filter water

How It All Started

Our Vision

Use innovative technologies to produce safe and healthy agricultural products and to sustain humanities while protecting our environment for future generations.

We provide eco-farming product...


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征服技術難題 栽種創業精神
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Solazyme’s microalgae oils are produced in a matter of days using a fermentation process designed to produce oils of the highest purity, performance and sustainability.