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Green, Fresh, Safe and Healthy
We aim to provide 100% pollution-free food and promote green living
We are committed to contribute to the wellness of society and its citizens through our aquaponics eco-farming produce
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Innovation for Urban Farming

Intellectual Property

2014 Granted Patent:
"A Symbiotic System of Fishing and Planting"
Patent No.: HK1190267@Feb2014

Practical Knowledge

- Planting Light Spectrum
- Nutrient Formulations


- Multi-layer Farming
- LED Light Spectrum
- Aquaponics Eco-cycle
- Data Monitoring system

Aquaponic Eco-cycle

1. Fish produce waste
2. Waste for Plants
3. Plants filter water
4. Water return to fish

How It All Started

Our Vision

We use innovative technologies to produce safe and healthy crops and sustain humanities while protecting our environment for future generations

We provide eco-farming product...


【Bloomberg】Startups That Wowed Jack Ma and Won Alibaba's Backing
【Bloomberg】Startups That Wowed Jack Ma and Won Alibaba's Backing
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【香港電台31】自在8點半 (旅遊)
【香港電台31】自在8點半 (旅遊)
《有乜咁蹺蹊》 都市發展農耕式微,想食得健康不容易,有企業家將工廠大廈變成實驗農埸,引入無土水耕、光譜種植、魚菜共生等專利技術,最近更擊敗600多個團隊,勝出「阿里巴巴 Jumpstarter 2017」大賽。量產型水耕種植究竟有乜秘訣?帶大家去解答下。
【阿里足跡】阿里巴巴創業比賽結果出爐 鋒沿醫療、En-trak及綠芝園脫穎而出
【阿里足跡】阿里巴巴創業比賽結果出爐 鋒沿醫療、En-trak及綠芝園脫穎而出
由阿里巴巴創業者基金、數碼港及香港科技園合辦,香港規模最大,且歷來投資獎勵最高的創業比賽 JUMPSTARTER 2017,最終由「大數據/人工智能」類別的鋒沿醫療科技有限公司 (CuttingEdge MedTech),以及兩家來自「智慧城市」類別的En-trak Hong Kong Limited及綠芝園投資有限公司 (Farm66 Investment) 勝出,這三家企業將獲得阿里巴巴最高100萬美元的投資。