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Green, Fresh, Safe & Healthy
We aim to provide 100% pollution-free food and promote green living
We are committed to contribute to the wellness of society and its citizens through our aquaponics eco-farming produce

Innovation for Urban Farming

Intellectual Property

"A Symbiotic System of Fishing and Planting"
Patent No.: HK1190267@Feb2014

Enclosed Control

- Multi-layer Farming
- LED Light Spectrum
- Aquaponics Eco-cycle
- Data Monitoring system

Practical Knowledge

- Planting Light Spectrum
- Nutrient Formulations

Aquaponic Eco-cycle

1. Fish produce waste
2. Waste for Plants
3. Plants filter water
4. Water return to fish


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Granted Patent
CarbonCare Label
CarbonCare® Label
CarbonSmart Achiever Award
Equipment & Machinery Design Award (HKAI)
Technological Achievement Certificate of Merit (HKAI)
Alibaba’s Jumpstarter 2017 Winner
HKAEE Silver Award
HKICT Awards 2019
Bronze Award
Hong Kong Emerging Brand 2019

We provide eco-farming products