【SCMP】Farm66 to be awarded the 2016 HKAI

Farm66 to be awarded the 2016 HKAI: Certificate of Merit in “Technological Achievement”.

We are facing many challenges in food production while we demand food that are both contamination-free and environmental-friendly. Farm66 has been the pioneer in achieving this goal in Hong Kong for many years. Since 2010, Farm66 has been investigating the concept of urban farming and has been successfully developing their own technologies to achieve excellent optimized results: “Multi-layer Vertical Planting Structure”, “Soilless Hydroponics Farming Technique”, “Indoor Aquaponics Farming Ecosystem” and “Energy-efficient LED Wavelength Farming”. These techniques enable dense cities like Hong Kong to revitalize industrial buildings, basement and utilize enclosed areas so that communities can achieve local-farming, create new jobs, and develop an efficient sustainable urban agricultural development plan.

Farm66’s urban farming system has been awarded a patent in 2014. In 2015, Farm66 has been awarded the “HKPC: CarbonSmart Award” and “HKAI: Equipment and Machinery Design Award”. Our team has been invited by overseas organizations for designing and consulting numerous commercial urban farming projects. Farm66 urban plant factory has been supplying high-quality vegetables to local premium supermarkets for years.

Thank you SCMP and thanks for the support from all of you!