Hydroponics Aquaponics Farm66's Indoor Aquaponics
Basic A method of growing plants in water rather than in soil The combination of Aquaculture and Hydroponics that manages a balance between raising fishes and provides natural nutrition to the plants An evolution of Aquaponics which provides plants with a customized growing environment to enhance the quality and quantity of crops
Bacteria Hydroponics systems tend to be fairly sterile without the support of chemicals. Bacteria are revered in aquaponics, but there may be a risk of contamination like pests, water pollution, etc. With Farm66's Indoor Aquaponics, we can keep the probiotics while maintaining a 100% pollution-free environment for plants.
Nutrient Must be refilled on a regular basis to solve the problem of nutrient imbalance The goal of Aquaponics is to achieve a perfect balance within its eco-system. Farm66's Indoor Aquaponics helps the plants to get the nutrients through the perfect balance of the eco-system, and also makes good use of photosynthesis by the light spectrum.
Plant Disease Pythium is widely considered as the enemy of Hydroponics which the system hardly prevents. Pythium rarely happens in Aquaponics. Plant diseases are normally caused by polluted environment or contaminated water. Farm66's Indoor Aquaponics provides plants with a healthier growing environment which shields the crops from plant diseases.
Efficiency An efficient system for growing plants under the use of chemical fertillizers Comparatively higher since it creates a complete eco-system in which various living creatures all interact to form a symbiotic whole. Farm66's Indoor Aquaponics achieves 30% higher efficiency in planting under well-controlled climate, temperature and light spectrum.