About Us

About Farm66

Farm66 Investment Limited (“Farm66”) has been the Agri-tech pioneer in achieving the goal of indoor farming factory in Hong Kong. Since 2013, Farm66 has been developing and practising the concept of urban farming. Through patented in-house innovations, such as “Multi-layer Vertical Planting (MVP) structure”, “Soilless Hydroponics Farming (SHF) techniques”, “Indoor Aquaponics Farming Eco-system (IAFE)”, “Energy-efficient LED Wavelength Farming” and “Cloud-based Farming Parameters (CFP) monitoring”, Farm66 grows quality vegetables locally and efficiently by taking farming indoors.​

Our Vision

Farm66 is committed to provide stable, high-quality, eco-organic and healthy agricultural products in scalable farming factory through active research and development of an efficient sustainable urban farming model and scientific industrial applications of agricultural production pattern. This indoor aquaponics farming eco-system is self-contained, contamination free and environmental friendly. It is free of weather impact, birds’ problems, pests and bacteria and huge space requirements. It can greatly improve local agricultural self-sufficiency rate and awareness of healthy food culture.

Mission Statement

As a leading indoor farming company founded locally in Hong Kong, our founding philosophy is based on its well-researched Aquaponics eco-system, combining technologies, vertical farming and self-developed lighting system for photosynthesis, in growing organic vegetables, fruits, herbs & edible flowers, etc. under a controlled environment that assimilates our mother nature.

Our agriculture produces are more than just crops. They are free from chemicals such as pesticides, preservatives and any other additive chemicals. And we manage a perfect balance between Fishes and Plants. In another term, the crops are fed with natural nutrients.

Besides, our Research & Development (R&D) capability enables us to keep improving the technologies which help maintaining high quality and quantity of our produces, and leading us to continue our contribution to the wellness of society and its citizens, with our 100% pollution-free farming products.

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